It’s been a weird few months! Once upon a time, we hadn’t heard of words like ‘furlough….coronavirus….Covid19’. Hard to believe, but it’s true!

Despite the world turning upside down, we have been super busy at Fortitude. Back in August, we were fortunate enough to receive funding from The National Lottery Community Fund. It’s a very special project, which we have been working on full steam!

The focus for Fortitude Memories is Grandparents and Grandchildren in the South West. It’s a very special relationship shared between these two generations. Full of laughter, joy and of course, cuddles! It is clear that these relationships have been particularly affected by Covid. Additionally, however, older people (such as Grandparent’s) have been doubly impacted with high levels of loneliness and isolation due to shielding and lockdown.

Our project is centred upon nurturing this relationship. We have been busy developing a lovely wooden memory box kit. The idea is that the kit is sent to Grandparent’s to co-construct the box with their Grandchildren.

Alongside the kit is an activity book. Following each activity, a legacy item is created which can be popped into the box to remind the Grandchildren in years to come of this special time shared. All the while, Grandparent’s can tell their personal story and memories, which can be archived in the box.

We’re in the final stages of development, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates (Fortitude Wellbeing CIC). As this is a funded project, we have a number of these to be sent to families in the South West on a donation basis. Not only will this make a lovely Christmas present, but it’ll also start to re-nurture the special bond between Grandparents and Grandchildren.