Springtime means bird box time!

After a really nice sunny day yesterday, I was super pleased to see my daffodils starting to come out! For me, this has always been a symbol that spring is on the horizon. With that in mind, it also means that some special events are on the cards. When I was growing up, I used to pop into the garden and pick some daffodils for my mum as gifts for Mother’s Day and Easter. It’s only now that it has dawned on me that my mum had actually planted the daffodils and I was essentially giving her back her own flowers!

There’s lots of exciting things about this time of year. The days are getting longer (and hopefully, drier!) More importantly, it’s the time of year where we can start to get outdoors a little more. Our next project is to encourage outdoor time for youngsters and their families. More importantly, it’ll also encourage some birds to your garden!

The bird box is how things all started for our kit-based projects- almost a whole year ago now! The feedback we received was absolutely amazing. Since then, we’ve received lots of requests from parents who have had one of our other kits and requested a bird box. So, we’ve made a new one!

This year’s design is a little different. We’ve made it so your children can decide which birds they’d like to make a new home for. The front upper panel has a hole in it and can be attached to make a home for garden tits. However, if you’d prefer larger birds like robins to nest, you can leave this panel off. We think it’s a pretty cool design and hope you like the flexibility it creates. Moreover, it’ll provide the basis for some more conversations amongst families about the garden and nature.

It’s easy to put together with everything you need included in the kit. You’ll just need to find a screwdriver and whatever else you might need if you decide to decorate it.

We’re super grateful to receive support from the Hinkley Point C Community Fund and Somerset Community Foundation for this stream of work. This means that we have a number of kits, free of charge, for families who live in the West Somerset and Sedgemoor areas. All we’re asking for is a £5 contribution towards postage and for you to provide feedback once you have built it. There’s a link to the survey on the instruction sheet and you can send photos of the build via Facebook or email. This feedback is really important to help us develop new projects and create reports of how the kits are received. You can register for one via our new online shop.

If you live outside of West Somerset and Sedgemoor and would like a kit, then please do not fret! We’ve got a few for sale at a massively supplemented price of £15. Just head over to our new online shop.



In the meantime, we hope you like our new website! A massive thanks to the amazing Justin for helping us out with it. We’ll be publishing lots more blogs of what we’re up to and now have an online store to make things a little easier for you to order things.


As always, take care and keep safe,


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