Losing someone we love can be really difficult. 


All of us at Fortitude have suffered loss in our lives. Because of this, we’re really keen to support families who are going through a difficult time. 

We have a library of books that all focus on loss and the challenging thoughts and emotions which we experience. Lots of them are for children, but we also have some for adults who are supporting a young person. 

Families select whichever books they would like to receive and we will post them to you. Included is a stamped addressed envelope so you can return them once your family have read them. This library is free of charge for families, please send us a message with whichever ones you’d like to borrow.


Books for children


Badger’s Parting Gifts (Susan Varley)

Badger is old and knows that he is going to die soon. He wants to find ways to prepare his friends for when he is no longer here. When Badger dies, his friends remember stories and memories about him.

The Huge Bag of Worries (Virginia Ironside)

Jenny has worries that are with her all the time, in her big blue bag. She realises that her bag needs to be emptied of  her worries and finds someone to help her.

Benny’s Hat (Juliet Clare Bell & Dave Gray)

A book about sibling loss which follows Lizzy’s struggles of her brother being ill and dying. It’s helpful for pre and post bereavement.

Tough Boris (Mem Fox)

Boris is a hardy, scruffy and tough pirate. But even the toughest of pirates have another side to them. One where they get upset and cry when someone they care about dies.

When Dinosaurs Die (Laurie Kransy Brown & Marc Brown)

Understanding what death means is really difficult for everyone, especially for children. This book explores what death means, the feelings associated with loss, how we can say goodbye, and how we can remember people who have died.

Goodbye Mog (Judith Kerr)

A little part of Mog stayed with her family when she died. She wanted to see what would happen to the people she loved and how they would say goodbye to her when she was no longer here.

The Invisible String (Patrice Karst)

There’s a thunder storm when Liza and Jeremy get scared. They go to speak to their mum who tells them that there’s an invisible string which connects people- whenever and wherever they are. 

The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself (Ali Redford)

The boy built a wall around him to keep him safe and protected. Someone came along who tried lots of ways to get through to the other side of the wall and the boy. Slowly, the boy realises that talking to someone helps bricks fall down from his wall.  

What Does Dead Mean? (Caroline Jay & Jenni Thomas)

An illustrated book which helps adults talk to children about death and dying. It answers lots of common questions that children have, and also offers some questions for children to think about themselves.

Tough Stuff Journal (Pete English,

The journal is designed to be used by a young person accompanied by a trusted adult – a parent or relative, youth worker, social worker or school mentor. The journal is designed deliberately in ‘free form’, can be written in and asks open questions to encourage the young person to reflect on and record their feelings about the loss. (NB: This can be kept by families and does not need to be returned to our library).


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Books for adults or parents supporting a young person

You Just Don’t Understand: supporting bereaved teenagers (Winston’s Wish)

A book for adults to support bereaved teenagers by Winston’s Wish. It offers lots of theoretical and practical guidance for parents, teachers and practitioners. 

A Child’s Grief: supporting a child when someone in their family has died (Winston’s Wish)

A book for adults to support bereaved children by Winston’s Wish. It offers lots of theoretical and practical guidance for parents, teachers and practitioners. 

Someone Very Important Has Just Died (Mary Turner)

A short book offering practical tips for people that are caring for children and teenagers who have suffered a recent close bereavement.




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