Springtime means bird box time!

After a really nice sunny day yesterday, I was super pleased to see my daffodils starting to come out! For me, this has always been a symbol that spring is on the horizon. With that in mind, it also means that some special events are on the cards. When I

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Getting outdoors

What a video! Being outdoors and part of nature allows your mind to breath and “escape from the inside”. We are firm believers in how the natural world has massive benefits to our personal mental health, and so it’s a big part of Fortitude! We want to share things that

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It’s been a weird few months! Once upon a time, we hadn’t heard of words like ‘furlough….coronavirus….Covid19’. Hard to believe, but it’s true! Despite the world turning upside down, we have been super busy at Fortitude. Back in August, we were fortunate enough to receive funding from The National Lottery

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