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Bird box kit



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Our bird box kit is back!

We’ve changed the design and hope you like it!


Decide whether you’d like to have a home for garden tits by adding the piece at the front with a hole, or robins by leaving it as a larger opening.


This is a 7 piece kit with all wood pieces pre-cut and pilot holes already drilled. Everything you’ll need is included in the kit, you just need to raid your tool box for a screwdriver! Inside the box you will receive:

  • 7 wood components (back piece, x2 sides, base, roof, lower front panel, upper front panel for smaller birds and garden tits)
  • Bits and bobs packet (screws)
  • Sandpaper (we hand make each kit so we advise giving the edges a little sand)
  • Instructions
  • Sweets

This project is being delivered with support from the Hinkley Point C Community Fund which means the price has been supplemented for families who live outside of the West Somerset and Sedgemoor areas. Kits are available on a first come/first served basis and one per family.




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